Wednesday, March 25, 2009

7 months

Riley is 7 months old today. That also means he came to live with us 5 months ago. He is now twice the size of Phoebe and Chandler. However, Chandler remains his best buddy and favorite pillow.

He still engages Chandler in play daily, which is great for both of them. We're having work done on the house now and Riley is not at all fazed by the noise. If anything, he is intrigued and we have to stop him from going into the work zone. The plastic sheeting doesn't pose much of an impediment to him. Because of the work, the back yard is not as accessible, so we go on walks every day. Riley loves exploring the neighborhood. He runs up to greet everyone he sees. Everyone who meets him comments on how beautiful he is. We of course are biased on that one, but face it, he is a cutie. We now need to get him used to other dogs. Now that the weather is getting better, it may be time to hit a dog park for some socialization.

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