Sunday, July 26, 2009

Riley is 11 months old!!!

This past Friday, July 24th, we went up to P-town (Provincetown, MA) for a week-long vacation. We rented a cottage and though it was a long 7 hrs car ride, Riley and Phoebe did great in the car!

Yesterday, Saturday the 25th, was Ethan's 38th birthday. It also happened to be Riley's 11 month birthday. To celebrate we went to Race Point Beach, at the Cape Cod National Seashore Park. This was the first time Riley saw sand or the ocean. And let me tell you, that ocean was COLD- 64˚ F!!! But we made it into the water and, in all, we had a great time.

Here's the video of the outing. WARNING: Riley did get attacked (unprovoked) as we were first going to the ocean. I had a hell of a time editing this video and couldn't edit this out. It's only about 10-15 seconds but it's more than a bit disturbing. Still, RILEY IS FINE and NOBODY WAS HURT. And, as you'll see, true to his great Cav nature, he just shook it off and continued to have a great first time at the beach. Click this link to watch it on YouTube:

Today, Sunday the 26th, is started off as a foggy (now rainy) day though the weather forecast/radar seems to imply this will be over before noon. We're having a lazy, rainy morning in the cabin piled up on the couch. Riley fell asleep on his toys:

Phoebe got jealous and so she came in on the action (little did she notice that wasn't a pillow she was laying on!)


Juli ~ Coosa Creek Cavaliers said...

Ethan -- I don't see the link to view the YouTube Video of when Riley was attached at the ocean. Can you send it to me? I love all the pictures. He is growing up so handsome! :) I love reading all your comments.

Juli ~ Coosa Creek Cavaliers said...

Ooooops, meant to type "attacked,."