Friday, November 14, 2008

Needle Teeth

Like all puppies, Riley has an affinity for chewing. It wouldn't be so bad, except his teeth, like those of all puppies, are needles. Those things hurt. When we are the subjects of his "mouthing" we tried giving him a chew toy instead. That didn't work. The vet last night suggested shunning him. In other words, when he does something he isn't supposed to do (like gnawing daddy's fingers) we are supposed to say "no bite" and then isolate him in another room for 30 seconds. So far, he uses that time to explore the bathroom. He hasn't discovered the toilet paper yet, luckily. But it is hard to have to carry him through the house to the bathroom, wait 30 seconds and then let him out. Upon his exit, he goes right back to chewing something.

Right now we are in the office so the cleaning crew can work in the living room. Riley is chomping away on his crate. He brought all his toys in there with him, but does he chew them? No! He only wants to chew on the things he isn't supposed to chew on. How long does this puppy phase last? It's been a long time since I have had to deal with puppyhood. Not that I want him to grow up too fast, he is such a cute puppy, but I really am over being chewed on.

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Walt said...

Axel is 3yo...........and still chewing!!! UGH!!! GOOD LUCK