Monday, November 10, 2008

What about the first 2 weeks of his life with you?

Today, our little Riley is 11 weeks old. He has been with us for 2 weeks and 2 days. (Two-and-Two! Just like Chuck Woolery.)

It's hard to believe but he's doing so well! Only 2 accidents in the house and they were our faults- not his. He eats and sleeps on a very regimented routine and he seems to like it. He eats three times a day and he gets apple slices and carrot bits as treats. He loves his toys but, of late, he really loves chasing and being chased. This past weekend, my cousin Aviva came with her 2 year old mini-Dacschund, Homer, and they ran and ran... so cute! Today, Chandler gave Riley chase in the yard for a good 5 minutes. And Phoebe is being very magnanimous by not eating him alive each time he goes to one of her toys instead of his own.

We took video upon video for the first two weeks. More photos than I could post here, and then something awful happened--- my videos deleted off the video camera (the Flip) and when they transferred to iPhoto, we lost the video! There's only audio. I need to go to the help desk at the Apple store and see if they can help me retrieve this/salvage these videos. It SO SUCKS! If I get this back, I'll post it to the blog. But for now, we have just our memories of this little guy and our amazing first 2 weeks with him.

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