Wednesday, November 19, 2008


So we bought a FLIP Video camera before we adopted Riley and, wouldn't you know it, the videos from the first week and a half of his life with us (including how we met him, selecting him, etc..) were all lost! Devastating! This is because of some incompatibility issues with MAC's new iMovie software. Grrrr....

So I took the more recently made videos to the office today, uploaded to a PC and VOILA! They uploaded with ease. I only had the time to upload one, but I'll get the others up soon.

Anyway, here's the three pups napping on Michael's lap. Taken last Friday night, 11/14/08. SO, SO, SO friggin' cute!!!

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Julie said...

All 4 of them look pretty cozy and content to be snuggling on the couch. =)