Friday, November 14, 2008

Riley ROCKED IT at the Vet

This pic was shot on the vet's exam table last night; Our little champ did really well at the visit, yesterday. We did NOT like the local vet we went to for his first visit, so we tried a new one and they were MUCH nicer and it was a better experience for all.

On Monday, Riley will be 12 weeks old. So he had his next round of vaccinations. He had his distemper/parvo vaccines as well as Lyme Vaccine. They're recommending it now, routinely, for dogs in our area since there's such a large population of deer (and hence, potentially, the ticks that carry Lyme Disease.) He was such a trooper. He did squirm and cry each time he had a shot but he got over it quickly. Later that night, he went a little nuts trying to find a comfy position on the couch, but his butt cheeks were sore and even if he rolled the wrong way, he'd yelp out in pain. But 9:30, we were done and put him to sleep in his crate. He woke up this morning like nothing had happened. You can sense a bit of tenderness on his left side, but other than that- no crying, no shrieking. HAPPY PUPPY!! YAAAAAAAAYYYYYY!

We go back in 4 weeks for his next round of shots.

He's such a big boy!

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